Travel is our passion and passion is life. We strongly believe that travel is a metaphor for life itself.  Our aim is to offer and share with others the experience of unique and exotic places in the best possible way. The visit to the outer places can be a trigger for the discovery of inner spaces of joy, learning and growth.

With hands-on experience of over 10 years in the travel industry we can assure you that we have the expertise and the ability to offer the best solutions to suit your taste and budget. We extend you this warm invitation to come and tread on unfamiliar paths. Come and travel in true spirits! We take great pride in introducing a global tour and travel company, 'LAVIDA'.


Meet the Team

Srishati Singhal
Nitin Suri
PR,Creative head
Bipin Rana
Tour Manager
Business Development Head
Aly Giedon
Joern Strauss

Why Lavida

1In line for Deadlines

In this era of tight deadlines and cost–cutting, we offer you a broad range of schemes which suits all - your requirements, needs as well the pocket.
A decade-old corporate experience equips us with the clarity and insight to take care and execute smoothly your travel plans.

2Medical Conferences

Our experience in organizing National and International medical conferences has taught us the ropes of this trade.
Having the most strenuous jobs, we understand the importance of the time that Doctors take out to connect with new developments in the Medical field and interact with their fraternity.
Having understand their importance as a client, we leave no stone unturned and treat them with utmost care and attention.
Pharmaceutical Conferences : International (Europe & USA) / National (please ask for the list of conferences we do every year)

3Logistics for the Screen

Having taken personal care of crew logistics for movies like 3 Idiots, Dev D, Dilli6, and more, we embark on this journey with the film fraternity to provide them the best in stay and travel. We deal with nightly fixations of budgets as well as comfort, in the right manner helping to avoid production losses.
With our proven track record of working with the best producers and crew on some of the biggest recent Bollywood films, we guarantee you with the best  to come.

4Serenity Exploration

Exploring the capital or other parts. Take a part of India with you by participating in our local workshops. We invite you through Delhi's heritage walks. You can choose workshops which delight you, ranging in the likes like, Food, Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Cultural and others.

5Corporate Events

We provide group efforts and provisions to arrange and co-ordinate Corporate Events. With a team at large to handle and manage massive workarounds. We offer and provide teams to handle the efforts that have been planned to execute a successful event. We at LaVida assure to take an event from to an elevated level.
So whether it's a Gala dinner evening, entertainment, team building activities or creating something dynamic and more characteristic you can simply rely on our team.

You don't need magic to disappear, all you need is a destination.
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