San Francisco is one of the most popular cities to visit in California. It's known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the legendary intersection of Haight-Ashbury, their iconic cable cars and for having the largest Chinatown in America. San Francisco is a mecca for, and represents, cultural, ethnic, gender, and sexual equality. Surrounded on three sides by water, the weather is characterized by the currents of the Pacific ocean bringing mostly mild summers and cool and damp winters.
The culture of San Francisco is major and diverse in terms of arts, music, cuisine, festivals, museums, and architecture. San Francisco's diversity of cultures along with its eccentricities are so great that they have greatly influenced the country and the world at large over the years. In 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek voted San Francisco as America's Best City.

Eat and Drinks

San Francisco is a "foodie" city with a vast array of restaurants. In fact, San Francisco has more restaurants per capita than any major city in North America, with 1 restaurant for every 250 residents . The price range is huge, of course, and you can spend anywhere from a small fortune to a couple bucks for every type of cuisine. In addition to the range of ethnic restaurants you'd expect to find, bay area food culture focuses on "artisinal" food (see the Ferry Building) and fresh fruits and vegetables (see Alice Waters), drawing from the nearby farms in California.


The best way to find a good bar or club is to ask the advice of a local; but barring that a copy of The SF Bay Guardian or the SF Weekly or a quick search on yelp/google will help you find something suited to your personal taste. The great diversity of nightlife in San Francisco, sometimes within one neighborhood, reflects the diversity of cultures there.


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